Going on a Retreat

My relatively short experience (just under two years) of mindfulness and meditation started in June 2018, predicated by the experience of a close personal loss.  Following this, I sought solace in meditation, starting with short introductory sessions on Headspace, then becoming interested in Buddhism and studying with The Mindfulness Network.

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Mindfulness in the time of the Virus

21st April 2020

I’d like to share some thoughts around my experience of mindfulness and the evolution of this across the last few years. This is a personal story, but I hope some of it may help in providing guidance to others, on how to approach living with a more mindful attitude.

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Stories from SxSW 2019

1st April 2019

I WAS LUCKY ENOUGH to attend SxSW in the lovely city of Austin, again this year, and would like to share a personal perspective on this show — some of what I saw and what I have taken away.

A long piece this, but you can see the separate sessions listed directly below, in case you want to dive in…..

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