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We are experienced Communication and Innovation Experts, with a track record of delivering creative solutions for brand owners that drive business performance. The Creative Filter was created to help companies innovate, supporting this aim with a range of effective training and creative solutions.

Current UK Client list includes : The Financial Times, Haymarket Media Group, Future Publishing, IPC Magazines, the PPA, Macmillan Publishing and Dennis Publishing. International Clients include : Star TV (Mumbai) and MediaCorp (Singapore).

Specialties: Digital Marketing | Creative Thinking / Innovation | Content Strategy I Strategic Planning | Training | Content Partnerships | Public Speaking

  • Video Of The Week

    World Record Slackline Attempt. 500 metres on a slackline rigged between two towering rocks in Castle Valley, Utah. Especially loving the Ennio Morricone music on this video.


  • Ten Stories We Have Enjoyed This Week Title_page_William_Shakespeare's_First_Folio_1623

    20th November 2015

    1) Now this should get a debate going. From Raconteur – Who Are The World’s Greatest Storytellers? ‘An intriguing celebration of Storytellers whether they are writers or actors or directors or poets or musicians‘ HT @brandlearning.

    2) This years Word of The Year, is not a word at all. It’s an Emoji – officially called : ‘ Face, With Tears of Joy‘ – Are we moving to a place where where we will communicate more through images than words? Hieroglyphics anyone? HT Miles Hammond.

    Durex is getting in on the emoji act too. They think that a condom emoji can help promote safe sex…

    3) Always getting your Millennials mixed up with your iGens? This rather handy ‘Generation Gap’ infographic from Vanity Fair will help. Turns out I am a Gen X and not a Baby Boomer so that has made my day! HT to Melina Collie for this.

    4) It’s been going this way for a while: Google+ changes direction – revamping into a community platform ‘saying that it’ll be focusing on Communities – public and private discussion boards and Collections, themed groups of posts that others can subscribe to’.

    5) Is Hello Barbie every parents worst nightmare? ‘For most children, dolls are constant companions, providing a calming sense of normalcy to a world that’s quickly moving around them. Now imagine that that doll was not only recording every one of your most intimate conversations and curious questions but learning how to respond to you‘.

    6) Microsoft Windows has turned 30 –  here is a visual history. Anyone remember MS-DOS that preceded it?

    7) Clever and Very amusing. A Translation Site’s Clever Recipe Taste Test Shows How Wrong Google Translate Can Be. The project’s video shows a chef cooking the same Japanese recipe as translated by ElaN’s team of human experts vs. Google Translate’s automated results. HT @itsjimmyb.

    8) Beginning to sound a bit like Terminator – “Superintelligence: Paths, Dangers, Strategies“, argues that true artificial intelligence, if it is realised might pose a danger that exceeds every previous threat from technology – even nuclear weapons — and… risks engineering its own extinction

    9) Here are the most viral ads of 2015 (so far). Most worryingly for Ad Agency Creatives, the most shared ad of the year contains nothing but ‘found footage’, rather than original material.

    10) World Record Slackline Attempt. 500 metres on a slackline rigged between two towering rocks in Castle Valley, UTAH. He’s tied on, but it still looks terrifying. Especially loving the Ennio Morricone music on this video.

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