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We are experienced Communications Experts with a track record of delivering innovative solutions for brand owners that drive business performance. The Digital Filter was founded  to help companies innovate, supporting this aim with a range of effective training and creative solutions.

Current Clients include – IPC Media, Future Publishing, The PPA and Macmillan Publishing.

Specialties: Digital Marketing | Creative Thinking / Innovation | Content Strategy I Strategic Planning | Training | Content Partnerships | Public Speaking

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  • Whisper and our World of withering communications Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 10.03.26

    We are creating little and saying even less.  

    In the ways that we create content and communicate with each other, we are on a slippery slope – sliding from a place of relative depth and richness, down towards a trough of levity and brevity.

    If you draw a line through history, starting with the lengthy discourses of the Homeric oral tradition, through the first hand written and mostly religious books, the evolution of the novel and then the production of news sheets and periodicals – the stuff we create nowadays is less considered in construction and very often shorter in manifestation.

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  • Why Digital Natives Are Not The Future dig natives

    Why Digital Natives are not the Future

    19th Oct 2013

    We often talk in hushed and reverent tones about the motivations and media habits of ‘Digital Natives’ – how this group is different from previous generations in terms of their interaction with technology and media channels; and from a marketing perspective, how we can best communicate with them and persuade them.
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