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We are experienced Communication and Innovation Experts, with a track record of delivering creative solutions for brand owners that drive business performance. The Digital Filter was founded  to help companies innovate, supporting this aim with a range of effective training and creative solutions.

Current Clients include – The Financial Times, Haymarket Media Group, IPC Media (London and Manchester), Future Publishing, The PPA and Macmillan Publishing.

Specialties: Digital Marketing | Creative Thinking / Innovation | Content Strategy I Strategic Planning | Training | Content Partnerships | Public Speaking

  • Ten Stories We Have Enjoyed This Week hashtag

    30th May 2015

    1) Generation # is here. Hashtag just became the most popular new word among children.

    2) From the Royal Society of Arts – The New Digital Learning Age.

    “New technology is not a force of nature. Its impacts and who gets to share in its potential benefits are grounded in the choices we make as a society. This report poses the question: what are the right policy choices to enhance life opportunities for the greatest number as we experience widespread technological change?”

    3) Museums are the next media companies. ‘Charles Le Brun’s 17th century painting “A Portrait of Everhard Jabach and Family” needed some restoration – today, anyone…… can get an in-depth look at the scrupulous process behind the painting’s preparation—all by visiting the Met’s website. Once there, visitors can learn about the piece’s long and damaged history (the painting was folded and tucked into a frame for 250 years) ‘.

    4) How America became the most powerful country on earth, in 11 maps.

    5) You Tube’s shoppable ads vs. Google’s click to buy button . ‘The differences between the two products are subtle but significant: The click-to-buy buttons are designed to drive sales seamlessly, but YouTube’s shoppable ads appear to be more about driving a brand’s mobile influence’.

    6) Great piece from @neilperkin – ‘On Creativity in Business’ – Business creativity means skill at identifying and profitably meeting the needs (many of them unspoken and vague) of customers. Everything else – the factories, the technology, the logistics, the spreadsheets – are in a sense, secondary to this aim.

    7) Is America the best referee to discipline FIFA? Despite the awful press, it looks like FIFA’s headline sponsors are going nowhere.

    8) Jony Ive’s promotion at Apple isn’t about Jony Ive 

    “But it could be less about lauding Ive than placing two other designers, Howarth and Dye, in the path of successorship. Should Apple’s design guru ever leave the company, shareholders can take comfort in the fact that two Ive-sanctioned surrogates are ready to step in”.

    9) Netflix wants to usher in a new Golden Age of non-fiction TV . ‘As Netflix expands rapidly beyond the US and increasingly develops its own original films and shows, nonfiction is its newest ambition — and it wants to be different’.

    10) Bill Gates’ Summer Reading List.

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    Mark Zuckerberg hit the news this week with his New Year’s Resolution. As he said – “My challenge for 2015 is to read a new book every other week – with an emphasis on learning about different cultures, beliefs, histories and technologies”

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